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Heltha is pioneering a new partnership between your health and experts in performance medicine to transform your body and mind.

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Included in your order is a complimentary consultation with one of Hetha's physicians to better understand how to improve your health.

For accurate lab results, we recommend scheduling your blood draw for the morning and fasting overnight for 12 hours. The blood draw only takes 10 minutes and your lab results are uploaded to your account in 3-10 days.

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Once your test is ordered you can schedule your visit to get a blood draw at your convenience.

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Arrive for your blood draw appointment with your order information and your I.D. Your results are ready online in 3-10 days.


Knowing your inner data allows you to take the necessary steps for better performance. Log in and start taking control of life.

Learn About You.

70+ core biomarker report.
Backed by science.

Your personalized reports are based on well-established scientific and medical research, and are the first major step to improving how you feel and perform. We respect your privacy and you choose how your personal biomaker results are used and shared. We will not share your invididual data without your explicit consent and we have put measures in place to prevent unauthorized access of your data.

Your report will be available in your account at, and you’ll have access to our additional telehealth opinions and consultations for receiving your personalized prescription treatment plan.

Track What Matters.

Take the guesswork out of your health and supplements.
Your Heltha physician will discuss your lab results and partner with you to develop a customized health plan so you know exactly what’s right for you.

Heltha is busy working on connecting to most health and fitness trackers so you can securely share your results with your Heltha physician. Look out for our future integrations!

Talk to the Doctor.

We'll search our national network of qualified physicians and let you select from the doctors licensed in your state for a comprehensive televideo consultation.

About Our Doctors

Review of lab results & medical records

Your Heltha physician will review your lab results and medical record. This review of your critical data, coupled with self-reported feedback from your telemedicine consultation, provides the physician with all the critical health values necessary to develop your optimized health plan for achieving your goals.

A nationwide network

With Heltha, you can conveniently receive access to the data, physician specialist, and highest quality prescribed supplements. Performance medicine can help you with issues like:

Adrenal fatigue
Breast soreness
Chronic fatigue
Decreased mental clarity
Digestive problems

Female dryness
Hot flashes/night sweats
Interrupted sleep cycle
Irregular periods
Loss of libido, male/female

Low energy
Low bone density/osteopenia
Mood swings
Muscle pain
Resistant fat
Weight Gain

Talk to a Doctor

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Prescription Supplements.

Receive the treatment you need in a timely, expedient manner.

When you request to speak with a doctor, we’ll ask you where you’d like your prescription products to be sent. We’ll send the prescription to you at a convenient location where you can receive it directly.

Specialist services to help you improve.

Your selected Heltha physician will review your lab results and medical information. This review of your core health data, coupled with self-reported feedback shared in your telehealth consultation provides all the critical values the physician needs to develop your optimized health plan and prescription supplements.

Sexual Health
Muscle Gain & Weight Loss
Hormone Balancing
Osteoperosis Prevention
Healthy Heart
Mental Agility & Focus